FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS 1.2.9 Android Free Download

FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS 1.2.9 Android Free Download:   We all know that this year will appear on store shelves in “FIFA 14″. The only question concerned only the release date, the target platform (with particular emphasis on next-generation consoles) and the extent of the changes compared to the “thirteen”. Long-term life-cycle of its flagship game series of Canadian studies (yes, the vision was not wrong, the best virtual “ball kicked” arises in Vancouver!) Taught us that every other “FIFA” (or more precisely of each even-numbered) developers insist on playing in defense, flying to Germany, so expect a few cosmetic tweaks and a short brief, summarizing the upcoming changes. However, it turned out that the people in the “FIFA 14″ have much more ambitious plans … 

During the meeting, we saw more than 50 short videos. Some of them were already in the early, playable version of the new “FIFA”, others were pieces of real games, even more were only simple egzemplifikacjami upcoming changes. Regardless of the convention, we learned that “FIFA 14″ will be a completely new game, which even the geeks now prevailing “thirteen” will have to learn. But let’s get down to the facts. “FIFA 14″ will introduce a number of quite revolutionary solutions in all aspects of the game – both in-game offensive and defensive, career mode and online competitions. First of all, the developers put on realism.Compared to “FIFA 13″, the pace of action in “czternastce” slightly reduced, the gameplay itself, however, does not lose liquidity. 

How to achieve this? Of course, players making wiser! Significant increase IQ “digging” is one of the fundamental changes affecting the behavior of all the people on the field. In this way otherwise it will look like attacking – our partners will have a better response when playing without the ball and indicate potential variants Pending ball, while the defense will approach above and set closer together. Forget the space between the formations and the gaps between our rozgrywającymi and defensive line. 

“FIFA 14″ introduces dynamic pressing, in which all opponents will do whatever they can to reduce our field of play and as soon as you pick up the ball, mindful of maintaining discipline and the corresponding set of all formations. It will be harder to construct effective counter-attack after breaking the release – in most cases it will be ended with a loss, instead of, as in “Thirteen”, passing the ball directly wysuniętemu attackers. It should be noted that the clearance and exposed legs while trying to receive, we get the so-called second chance – a desperate throw limbs, and even the whole body, so that you may stop a charging attacker. 

Such a maneuver is, however, increase the risk of injury. Belayer reasonable and effective in collecting defense will become a nightmare for many of us, fortunately the attackers have not been treated with neglect. newly introduced solutions in the offensive game, of course, promise to be more impressive, but do not affect only the artistic experience. Our players will otherwise run, or play, shoot and dribble. Strongly decreases the turning radius when changing the direction of travel of the ball, at least in the case of athletes, characterized by excellent technical training of. Talented dryblerzy will enchant a special type of course, misleading defenders without losing speed, you will have the option to block defenders – in this way we will create a “tunnel” for exiting his box player. To increase the role of the strong, tall strikers who can play with his back to goal, pledge to hold the ball, take a defender on his back. 

The battle for possession soccer balls will come with two options: push defender with his hand, so it will be double for catching the shirt, well-known for “thirteen” and to protect the ball – holding soccer balls at a safe distance from the enemy – it is to be an excellent tool to dictate the pace of the game. Without losing the ball (although a lot of course depends on the strength of the enemy), we will be able to stop, wait for the partners, find new options to be “FIFA 14″ will also find the so-called “checked run” – a domain at the same time strong and fast forwards who like reaching the ball and usually take place on the offside line. “Checked run” is a quick exit to the run-flying soccer balls while holding down the hiding place of our defense – a common sight in the English league matches. Do not forget about the reception of the ball (for example, cross) at full speed during a run, and fluid changes of direction during the sprint race without slowing down. 

As you can see, we face enormous changes during matches … The more the better cast the laws of physics, especially with regard to the behavior of the ball. It will not have to roll in a straight line during the exercise, the weather conditions and the state of turf will be more affected by the quality of the passes and dribbling. The trick is enough to right knob falls – L2 button on the controller will be used solely to protect the ball. A quick press of the button, the attack an opponent’s body, pushing him from soccer balls. ball will spin rapidly during the flight, and the trajectory will be significantly changed – developers care about to rain a lot more beautiful and spectacular goals, and therefore will be introduced new types of shots, depending on the strength that we put in a kick soccer balls. There will be some new animations, and keep the players during the shoot will be much more realistic – the players themselves will also choose the angle of the shot and motocross applications based on observation of behavior scoring and defense. Some new animations will include so-called unprepared shots – instinctive, often clumsy attempts goal, appearing often in disarray podbramkowym, during the chaos after set piece, bounce the ball from his feet by accident and so on. As you can see, all of the above-described changes promise to be preferably with a view to increasing the level of realism in the game. Developers approached the topic seriously, and also introduced a new training games, appearing in “FIFA 13″ before the meeting.Finally, we will receive the expected “old man” for the entire team or a series of applications while running or dribbling. 

Known for their previous views minigames will also be refreshed. Career Mode will see its new HUB. The interface will be more transparent and more diverse messages and concrete – developers want to avoid annoying situations in which the mailbox of our virtual manager gets mass spam. Changes to the scouting – developers place greater emphasis on descriptive information and the players’ skills, giving up many statistics presented numerically. In addition, throughout the season will continue to prepare for the transfer window – there will be more extensive preliminary negotiations and contracts. Phew, a lot of this, you have to admit it, but not all. One of the producers with whom I had the opportunity to speak in Cologne – Nick Channon admitted that the career modes do not change substantially, as well as online play. 

Certainly remain seasons and the mode of Fantasy Football and Football Club EAS platform with Challenges. Producers, however, depends to players throughout the day to remain in the game – also via mobile companion applications that allow you to talk to friends or trade cards, players, football players view the changes of parameters and track actual results of matches. “FIFA 14″ is to be the best virtual football of all time, but probably for years to hear the same declaration … The game will be in stores in autumn, for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 – the only officially confirmed by the platform, although it is difficult to imagine the work of EA Sports could not miss the next-generation consoles, and mobile devices handheldach supporting operating systems iOS and Android.Genuine PLAYERS. Genuine TEAMS. True LEAGUES. Welcome to the most real football amusement for Kindle Fire gadgets. Feel the fervor of each pass, shot, and handle with new touch controls. Additionally, live each minute of true football authority with EA Sports™ Football Club Match Day. Get in there with FIFA 14! FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS 1.2.9 Android game Free Download.

This diversion has prevalent design and is pressed with huge amounts of genuine football classes, groups, and players. If its not too much trouble verify you have no less than 1.35gb of free space on your unit.


Experience true football with genuine players, genuine groups, and true classes

Feel the fervor of each pass, strike, and handle with new touch controls

live each minute of genuine football authority with EA SPORTSTM Football Club Match Day

listen to editorials in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

Make a squad of universal superstars with Ultimate Team

Overhaul your amusement to open three additional modes: Manager, Tournament, and Kick Part1 – Part2
Keep2share:     Part1 – Part2

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